SP Systema proposes herself as a partner in planning and realizations of visual communications in sales points and public areas.

With more than 30 years of activity we have developed technical, creative and productive experiences and our main target has always been the high attention to the Top Quality.


Digital and silk printings

We produce digital and silk printings on different supports since our birth and, along the years, we implemented our background with all the printings technologies, giving particular attention to the digital printing.


Three dimensional items, corners, stands, exhibitions

Our customers began to ask the planning and the realization of three dimensional communication items. We developed then the ability to execute manufactured articles in wood, aluminum, methacrylate, dibond: easily combining images and graphics on different supports.



We worked out a particular care to signposting systems for urban spaces or buildings. We also have a license for the use of backlit supports inside museums and exhibitions areas. We have been commissioned, for high visibility sites, in producing signposting with a great ability of use of the Corian.


Installation and Logistic

We have a network, all over the national territory, of specialized partners in mountings and settings up  points of sale.

Our operating structure and our logistic, with stores located all over the Country, give us the opportunity to manage, in a complete way, all the devoted operations to the retails.


Monitoring progress

All our customers have the chance to monitory the progress of the work directly on our web site with access  to private areas. They can visualize reports, images and details of what has been done.


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